Welcome to PROP ;


We are a multidisciplinary team specialized in mental and physical health.
You are the centerpiece; we join in and together we buildyour change.

Welcome to PROP ;


We are a multidisciplinary team specialized in mental and physical health.
You are the centerpiece; we join in and together we buildyour change.

Welcome to PROP ;


We are a multidisciplinary team specialized in mental and physical health.
You are the centerpiece; we join in and together we buildyour change.



"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not just the
absence of diseases or illnesses"
OMS, 1946.

At PROP we work with you to recover your HEALTH.
We are people oriented professionals.
Specialized in areas key to achieving your well-being.
We adapt to you to achieve your goals.
We are organized to solve highly complex problems;


We are independent professionals dedicated to mental and physical health,
specialized in specific areas and organized to address complex issues. We all have
a previous public and private personal trajectory; we do not establish hierarchies.
We share a purpose: to contribute to you our knowledge and enthusiasm for what we
do, for it is what we like the most, what we have prepared for.
This is our method:

From the first moment, we choose the professionals who can bring greatest value to
the treatment, both because of their knowledge and their skills.

“What’s going on with the patient? How old are they? Where will the sessions take place?” From the first moment we will take these elements into account. We will then work with the person to establish a shared therapeutic plan, involving the professionals essential to achieve the change and then put it all together.

We believe in quality care, where there is no rush but deep knowledge of the case. We believe in flexible treatments that achieve real and substantial results. Quiet sessions, punctuality, closeness and mutual respect. We propose direct contact between the professional and the person. Between sessions, we maintain the necessary contact to offer support and answer any doubts.
What do we expect from the person? Commitment and enthusiasm for change. Only with an active attitude on the part of the whole team, where the person is the protagonist, we will achieve results.
In addition to being more satisfactory for both the professional and the person,this way of working makes us all involved in the process of change, the results of which are real.

By bringing the patient closer to the professional and working together,
any change is possible.

Services and

Tratamiento trastornos psicológicos/psiquiátricos:
· Psicoterapia individual
· Psicoterapia grupal
· Tratamiento psicofarmacologico

Desintoxicación en consulta, domicilio o en régimen de ingreso de:
· Alcohol
· Benzodiacepinas
· Cannabis
· Cocaina
· Heroina
· Anfetaminas
· Tabaco

Deshabituación con psicoterapia individual
y grupal en todas las sustancias anteriores

Psychological / psychiatric disorders treatment:
· Individual psychotherapy
· Group psychotherapy
· Psychopharmacological treatment

Consultation, domicile or in-patient detoxification from:
· Alcohol
· Benzodiazepines
· Cannabis
· Cocaine
· Heroin
· Amphetamines
· Tobacco

Detoxification with individual and group psychotherapy from all the previously
mentioned substances

Tratamiento asertivo comunitario:
· Seguimiento por gestor de casos.
· Intervenciones domiciliarias y en comunidad.
· Promoción de actividades comunitarias.

· Actividades deportivas adaptadas al proceso terapéutico.
· Tratamiento por nutricionista / dietista integrado.

Estudios clínicos:
· Estudio psiquiátrico
· Estudio psicológico
· Estudio de personalidad
· Estudio neuropsicologico
· Estudio neurologico

Estudios periciales en posibles trastornos psicológicos/psiquiátricos, adictivos, neurologicos o cognitivos / demencias
Actividades divulgativas y formativas para profesionales
Actividades divulgativas y formativas para personas (no profesionales)
Creación de material audiovisual divulgativo y formativo.

Assertive community treatment:
·· Monitoring by case manager.
· Home and community interventions.
· Promotion of community activities.
· Sports activities adapted to the therapeutic process.
· Nutritionist treatment / integrated dietitian.

Clinical studies:
· Psychiatric study
· Psychological study
· Personality study
· Neuropsychological study
· Neurological study

Expert studies on possible psychological / psychiatric, addictive, neurological or cognitive / dementia disorders

Informative and training activities for professionals
Informative and formative activities for people (non-professionals)
Creation of informative and formative audiovisual material.

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Prop Team


At PROP, we practice our profession in a different way. Our commitment to people is genuine and our goal is to create solid bonds. In order to understand and help, we know that we must first listen and dialogue.We believe in an honest  treatment: accessibility and specific knowledge for each case will create a relationship of mutual trust that will accompany us in the recovery process. We work in a coordinated way, without hierarchies, from the passion for our profession and the experience contrasted in specific fields of mental and physical health. This is our philosophy.



"My job is to serve and my passion is to innovate in order to overcome new challenges. Only a meticulous and individualized approach will activate the lever of"



"My call is psychotherapy and teaching because I believe in people’s potential for change and in my own to help make those changes deeper."



"From a state of greater calm one can find more creative ways to face their own difficulties.
Let's do our best to cultivate"



"I’ve always admired the elders: they harbor so much wisdom. Improving their quality of life requires knowledge, but also listening and closeness."



"From a state of greater calm one can find
more creative ways to face
their own difficulties. Let's do our best to cultivate"


Juvenile psychiatrist

"Each intervention must be precise and have scientific evidence, but at the same time it must be accompanied by open dialogue and understanding: first comes the person."



"Rigor and precision are key when dealing with evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.
They are my guidelines in clinical practice."


Nutricionista y dietista

"My goal is to motivate and equip
people with the tools necessary
to lead a healthy life through nutritional-education."



"Psychiatry teaches us that mental health is also the balance of the body. We will only achieve improvement with an integrative and profound approach."



"Helping people in their disease processes has always been my priority: an individualized and holistic approach that improves your quality of life."


Community support

"I work with people and their environment.
My environment is the community, and dialogue is the best tool for change."


Founder Sport2Live

"Sport2Live is a recovery facilitator. Sport2Live means having a good time, meeting a group of friends and achieving goals. With no adverse effects!"



"Discouragement and mood swings make us feel
alone and helpless...
My job is to help you recover the lost emotional balance."


We are a team open to incorporations and collaborations. Are you a medical professional? Do you believe that you can be part of our project? We would be delighted to hear from you and collaborate with you.

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At PROP we serve people committed to changing. People who have problems and the ability to solve them. People who listen, but also talk. People who can both learn and teach. People who want to recover their place in the family or at work. People who, together with our team of professionals, fit in to form a structure capable of building change.


Abrupt change and conflicts

“I’m 18 years old, I have always been sociable and a good student. I’ve had a happy childhood. I’ve started to feel nervous a couple of months ago: I get angry, I think my friends are turning their backs on me... One day I got very tense: I had smoked a couple of joints, and I felt that I was being watched and that something bad was about to happen to me. I was taken to the hospital and given a treatment. Now I am calmer but I have gained 7 kg. The mental health center psychiatrist will not see me again for another month. I'm not fine but I prefer to keep it to myself: I do not want to be given more pills."

Martina had a first visit with Andrea who decided to change her medication. The first month she visited him every week and, for her peace of mind, they maintained contact by phone and texts between visits. Carlos Jacas did a structured diagnostic interview to clarify what was happening to her. She started with the group of young people and, after a few sessions, Martí accompanied her to an athletic group in a therapeutic environment of Sport2Live, with which she now trains twice a week. Thanks to the diet that Sara gave her, she has gone back to her normal weight. Her therapists are coordinated and do family interviews with her and her parents so that they are informed and reassured, always in agreement with Laura. Although only three months have gone by, she already feels like herself again.


Lack of motivation and cannabis

"I’m 19 years old and I’ve had trouble focusing in class since primary school. I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and for a time I took drugs, but I never really felt well. When I was 13, I got together with older kids; I tried cannabis and smoking pot became a common occurrence. Now I have little to tell about my life. I started studying Law but I only went to class for a couple of months. I normally stay at home sleeping until noon, and if I go out with friends I spend the time smoking joints. I often feel distressed: I do not see any meaning in what I do. The truth is that when I'm stoned I do not stress and I feel calm. "

Marc went to PROP because of his parents: they were concerned about the use of cannabis. In the first visit with Miquel he was reluctant to take pharmacological treatment. They agreed that he would initiate a session of individual psychotherapy with Albert, to try to stop the cannabis habit and, above all, to help him face his day to day, increase his motivation and make a life plan. After a few sessions, he started attending a group of young people with similar problems, led by Albert and Martí.
Although he struggled to fit in, little by little he has seen that the group helps him: with them he can talk about his worries, he’s no longer scared of looking like a weirdo, he feels understood. He’s also started training with a rugby club in Terrassa: it seems that he’s quite good at it.

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Mood swings and cocaine

"I am 37 years old and I have always been very intense, high-strung, a love you or hate you type. When I was a teenager I suffered from eating disorders, but now I try to eat well. I have gone to the psychologist and they say that I have a Personality Disorder... Now things are worse: I have had problems at work, I am using cocaine and my partner has given me an ultimatum. I'm very sad, if it weren’t for my son, I’d throw in the towel."

Nuria had a first visit with Albert and they decided to start individual psychotherapy.
After a few sessions, they considered that they had to intensify the treatment and began to attend a very discreet group led by Albert and Martí with people of her age with similar problems. She’s also had some sessions with Sara to improve her diet. One weekend in Sitges, she tried paddle surfing in a therapeutic environment with other friends from her group. Miquel visited her a couple of times, but they hardly used any drugs.


Alcohol, cocaine, sex and work

"I am 43 years old and I have always done well: I have a good job, two children and a wonderful wife. And yet, today, I’m about to lose it all. I started having a drink after work, to relax. Then I started playing with cocaine: the first lines were just for the hell of it but it has already gotten out of hand, several nights I have not returned home.
My wife only knows about the women and says she can forgive me if I change. How can I tell her everything? How am I to climb out of this hole?"

David contacted PROP and had a first interview with Miquel. They decided on hospitalization to facilitate detoxification and to approach the habit situation with his wife. During the admission he met Albert, who later became his psychologist in both individual and group psychotherapy. Sport practice with an INEF trainer from the Sport2Live group was essential to keep his mind occupied and boost his self-esteem. Today David is climbing out of the hole and has regained control over his life.

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Aging, frustration and aggressiveness

"I'm 81 years old, and 6 years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. I do not really understand what this means and it scares me more and more. To be able to move better, I take a medication, but I do not have more assistance than the visits 8 with my neurologist, a couple of times a year. I feel impotent and I end up being aggressive with my family, who are the ones who take care of me and support me. I’ve never been violent, but seeing myself disabled and depending on others fills me with rage. When I feel worse, I cannot get the idea of ​​suicide out of my head: I've already threatened my family with it several times. "

Accompanied by his daughter, Alfredo attended a first visit with Silvia: she made a neurological study and readjusted his treatment. Since part of Alfredo’s difficulties in his daily life had to do with anger and negative emotions, he had a second visit with Jorge, who confirmed evident depressive symptomatology, and prescribed an
antidepressant treatment in parallel to the treatment for Parkinson's. Martí conducts home visits, and they’re working out better ways to face his difficulties in his daily life activities. Both Alfredo and his family remark that his mood has improved, and that aggressiveness and threats of suicide have disappeared. Despite the difficulties, he’s accepting his limitations and he’s letting other people help him, as he says, "I’m not thinking about throwing in the towel anymore..."


Depression and memory problems

"Since I retired I have had a very active life, but these last few months I’ve been feeling sad and lethargic. My family is trying to cheer me up, but I do not get out of bed until noon. I cry without reason, and I spend my days doing nothing: I don’t seem able to focus on anything nor to amuse myself. I feel useless, and I think I'm losing my memory: I forget conversations, messages, names ... I am very much afraid of dementia, as was the case with my mother."

Encarna attended a first visit accompanied by her husband. Jorge gave her an antidepressant medication, and recommended a neuropsychological study to evaluate memory problems. Carlos Jacas diagnosed a mild cognitive impairment and recommended participating in a cognitive training group . The medication is beginning to show positive effects: Encarna is feeling more cheerful and has managed to resume her activities. Although she is still worried about her memory problems, she is starting to regain her self-confidence.

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Big things are always built by group cooperation.

The group approach is key to our way of understanding the processes of change in
mental health. Although an individual approach is always necessary, the group will
provide us with something qualitatively different and, above all, very necessary.

Many minds generate more activity than two minds.

The synergies, resonances and feedback that occur in a group will always be more powerful and will generate deeper considerations than those produced in a duo. In a group, therapists have a less directive and less central role than in the individual format. Their figure is key as promoters of a reflective attitude and as facilitators of change. They seek to stimulate a proactive attitude in the participants, increasing the commitment to the common objectives, as well as the responsibility toward the individual change: they’re there to empower people. This is the PROP philosophy.

Sport, food and sleep are key elements to our well-being. We all are conditioned by our lifestyle, for both neurobiological and psychosocial reasons.
The evidence is overwhelming: a balanced diet, frequent and regular exercise and an adequate sleep pattern improve our mental health.


That is why in PROP we integrate professional nutritional treatment and sports
advice in all our programs: for young and old alike. Our focus is on the development
of an optimal lifestyle.
We know that a change, to be solid, must come from within.

Teaching and Information


; institut

PROP was born as a project that wants to integrate two aspects: health service and education. That is why part of our time and energy is focused on the development of teaching projects. We have a clear teaching vocation, which we develop mainly in the university field: degrees and postgraduate degrees in different disciplines within the health sciences. We also develop formulas to share our knowledge with other
professionals, in different formats (lectures, workshops and courses, face-to-face or
online), and always from our philosophy, our experience and our way of working.

“En casa de herrero cuchillo de palo”

El perquè Els metges, paradigma de les professions vocacionals i de l’alt grau d’exigència en l’exercici de la seva professió, disposen d’una excelent formació biomèdica que, no obstant, sovint oblida una part important de les dificultats que la pràctica assistencial comporta. El maneig de les reaccions emocionals (tant dels pacients com les...

Tip 1. Explain your complete story to your therapist

Este es el primero de los consejos dirigidos a pacientes de mi anterior publicación "Cuando tu terapeuta no escucha". Cuando llegas como paciente a la consulta, explicar qué te sucede es el primer gran reto. De hecho, si tuviera que decidir qué es lo más importante que has de lograr en una primera visita, sin duda sería poder relatar tu...

When your therapist does not listen

El diagnóstico en psiquiatría y psicología es una tarea difícil. Tanto es así que permite múltiples debates que enfrentan distintas formas de entender la salud mental (para, por cierto, jamás alcanzar el consenso). Pero, pese a ello, los profesionales en muy pocas ocasiones ponemos el foco sobre el cómo llevamos a cabo el proceso diagnóstico y el...

“Update Psychogeriatrics: Bipolar Disorder in the Elderly”

Viernes, 5 de abril de 2019 – L’Acadèmia de Ciències Mèdiques 9:00 - 9:15: Recogida de documentación. 9:15 – 9:30: Presentación de la jornada Narcís Cardoner. Presidente de la Societat Catalana de Psiquiatria i Salut Mental (SCPiSM) 9:30 – 10:15: ¿Existe el trastorno bipolar de inicio en la senectud? Aspectos clínicos del trastorno bipolar en el...




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Our support team will call you to get to know you a little better and schedule a visit with the professional that best suits your needs. Right away we establish a reciprocal
commitment and we want you to feel that the first visit is important and it will be you with the best professionals in their field..




Your first visit with the professional


It will be programmed, you will have a day and an hour in which a professional expert will receive you. Thanks to the previous telephone assistance they will have some information that will help them to assist you more efficiently. We think that this procedure is the best way to help you and make you feel that we are close to you.

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